OK1KHQ 1296 MHz
Locator: JN99AJ QTH: Dusna Category: 6

VKV PA 2003/01

First operator's name and call: JAROSLAV MEDUNA, OK1DUO
Address for correspondence:
Second operator calls: DAN, STANDA, HONZA
Contest QTH: Dusna
Height A.S.L.: 710 m
Transceiver: TM255E 15W
Antenna: yagi 55 el.

Number of QSO: 3 Average 3.3 Pt/QSO Best DX Call: OK1KZE Best DX: 4 Pt

Countries worked:

Total sum of points:  

I declare that I have observed the contest rules as well as the licensing rules and that the above data are correct to the best of my belief.
I accept the rulling of the contest commitee as a final.

Date: 20030116 First operator's signature: ............................................

VKV PA 2003/01 1296 MHz OK1KHQ

2003011609:55OK1KZE 59 001 59 007 JN79FX 4ODX
10:17OK2KDJ 59 002 59 001 JN99CN 2 
10:43OK1TEH559 003 559008 JO70FD 4 

Contest log Atalanta Locator ver. 12.13 by OK1DUO